Radioactive iodine destroys the prostate and its function is reduced. The main problem lies in the selection of a dose of radioactive preparata.V hospital I continued to eat only raw fruits and vegetables, and doctors feared that I - and my son to me - do not get enough protein. Pasteurized milk is me all the time, several times a day, I was persuaded to drink it, to say that I actually make the child\'s problems, click here to buy good place an order but I strongly adheres to the principle of nutrition, which arose during pregnancy and allows me to move easily and the birth of a healthy child. The mother, who was my colleague here ?? daily problem brought to the hospital liter of fresh carrot juice and svezhekolotye nuts. In addition, I was really awake to eat dried fruit active medical staff because they believed that dried fruit, especially prunes, causing digestive disorders child. But nothing happened.

יריד קרמיקה: יפו העתיקה

יריד חוצות בכיכר קדומים

חול המועד פסח | חמישי- שבת | 17-19באפריל

אגודת אמני קרמיקה בשיתוף החברה לפיתוח יפו העתיקה, מקיימים תערוכת חוצות/יריד קרמיקה ברחבת כיכר קדומים, ביפו העתיקה בחול המועד פסח.

ביריד מציגים אמני קרמיקה מרחבי הארץ עבודות חומר בטכניקות מגוונות.

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יום שבת 11.00-22.00

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