Degrees, and the disease before mucosa, infections in the oral cavity, and depends on the degree of malignancy of cancer. After cancer metastasis to the lymph nodes, which increased, sealed, welded to the surrounding tissue. In particular, cancer of the tongue in mobility, apparently, for reasons and move at an early stage. The context of cancer of the mouth and red allows inspection and palpation lesion without special equipment, makes it easy to diagnose, and refers to the visual location of the cancer. We have alfinate go to my blog seen changes in the morphological earlier in stomatoskopa. Clinical diagnosis, examines tumor morphology, tons. Make sure that the way in E. cellular or tissue. Cytology allows accurate diagnosis in 95% of example 90. Taking scrape or puncture the material in such a situation. "Soft" cancerous tumor generates a lot of scraping, but not always sufficient for the study of cancer lean "heavily" scrape. One of the final approach for the detection of cancer allows accurate diagnosis in 99% of cases, and included a sample biopsy

קבוצת מיקוד 9

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מירי פליישר | קבוצת מיקוד 9

מירי פליישר | קבוצת מיקוד 9