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Ceramics Artists Association of Israel

Ceramics Artists Association of Israel

The Association

The Ceramic Artists Association of Israel holds professional activities representing the complexity and unique language of ceramic art, while maintaining a dialogue with the world of contemporary art and design.


The purpose of the Association is to promote public awareness of ceramic arts both in Israel and abroad, while simultaneously exposing ceramic artists to other fields of art throughout the world, broadening horizons acquiring knowledge in innovative and contemporary techniques in the field.

Goals and Targets

In addition to having a long history of entrepreneurial projects, which has now become a sort of tradition, the association seeks to put emphasis on activities related to achieving the list goals and targets it has set for itself, including

  1. Israeli Biennale for Ceramics – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
  2. Israeli Symposium Potteries – Tel Hai College
  3. Pitcher and material, outdoor exhibition – fresh
  4. Museums and galleries around the country
  5. Workshop – Community Square Dead Sea
  6. Professional workshops learning techniques to create material
  7. Lectures on topics related to areas in art, design and culture
  8. Hosting artists and contacts with colleagues abroad
  9. 1280°c – Journal of ceramics
  10. Newsletter and Website Association
  11. Cooperation with local authorities
  12. Support young artists