Association activities

Activity directed to both types of target audiences: Public Ceramic Artists Association members and the general public in the country. For all of the groups goal directed activity is planned, expressed the type and level of operational projects. Along with, that there is an interaction and mutual input activities and target audience. The main activity of the Association is intended for members of the Association

סרגיי איזופוב | תל חי 2014

סרגיי איזופוב | תל חי 2014

Ceramic Artists Association members

Members Ceramic Artists Association of Israel enjoy a range of professional services and support including: workshops and symposia, relations with foreign artists and lectures provided a variety of activities throughout the country, low participation fees, discounts or free of charge.

Activities Association extends across the country, across all year round and includes permanent exhibitions and projects that have become tradition, taking place over the years and special projects performed noticeably unique. The Association works in collaboration with art schools, museums, galleries, institutions engaged in related fields of endeavor and artistic, municipalities and equivalent bodies abroad and making efforts to strengthen ties between local and international artists.

The projects include:

Exhibitions, symposiums, fairs, professional workshops, general enrichment workshops, lectures, special projects.

  1. Israeli Biennale for Ceramics – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
  2. Israeli Symposium Potteries – Tel Hai College
  3. Pitcher and material, outdoor exhibition – fresh
  4. Museums and galleries around the country
  5. Workshop – Community Square Dead Sea
  6. Professional workshops learning techniques to create material
  7. Lectures on topics related to areas in art, design and culture
  8. Hosting artists and contacts with colleagues abroad
  9. 1280°c – Journal of ceramics
  10. Newsletter and Website Association
  11. Cooperation with local authorities
  12. Support young artists

The general public

Activities for the general public includes: exhibitions, fairs and lectures and aims to expose the ceramic art and enrich the public's knowledge and understanding of contemporary artistic concepts. Activities for its members, is a professional and aims to train and give artists the tools and concepts new to enrich professional and raise the level of activity